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Mine Site

Bentonite :

Bentonite’s mines are located approximately 60 km east of Bhuj town. Mine site’s contains the largest deposit of bentonite in Asia with an estimated reserve exceeding 65 million tonnes. Bentonite deposits varies in different forms like lenses, pockets & veain shaped bodies. The thickness of Bentonite varies from 1 – 10 meters. In some areas Bentonite occur below 25 meters. The raw bentonite is mined and sundried on-site on large drying beds before being transported into Production Site for further processing such as chemical treatment (activation), impurities removal, storage and milling.

Kaolin :

Kaolin as also known as Chinaclay, mines are located approx 40 km west of Bhuj town. With an estimated reserve of 100 million tonnes in Kutch mines site’s considered as one of largest deposits of Kaolin. Kaolin deposit consists of various types of raw kaolin having yield content from 8 to 30% of clay particles rest is silica sand.

Production Site

Bentonite :

Bentonite’s Production Site is located at 45 km distance from Bhuj town and Mundra Port, a gateway to western countries. Site has milling, laboratory and packing facilities. Capable to dispatch multiple loads daily in form of Powder in small bags, big bags (FIBC) and Lumps in bags packing and loose formats.


Kaolin’s Production Site is located at 25 km from Bhuj town. Site has fresh water washing facility wherein clay particles are separated from coarser and fine silica. Site is also capable of packing in various bags sizes.

Ports Locations

Mines and Processing Unit based at Kutch district in Gujarat State of India proximity to the Mundra Port and Kandla Port, located on the west coast of India. Both ports are located at a radius distance of 60 Km & provide a convenient international gateway to Europe, Africa, America and Middle East.

Strategical Location:





220 43’ 88’ N

690 42’ 34’ E


230 0’ 49’ N

700 13’ 32’ E

Mundra port particularly suitable for services of container shipment where as Kandla port is one of the best port’s in India suitable for break bulk shipments.

Coastal services within India to Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orrisa & West Bengal is available throughout year.

Road & Railways

Conveyance for passengers and goods are very well organized. Facility for entire rake of full load wagons by rail is available at bhuj railway yard for package material and at kukma railway siding for bulk loose material.

Easy availability of vehicles makes ideal location to move material by road. Goods coming by lorreys/truck to Kandla and Mundra Port from almost all part of Indian States are made available to carry our products by our logistics channel partners.